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Welcome to our website! We are excited to finally unveil our hard work in developing our breakthrough renewable energy solution: the Integrated Roof Wind Energy System (PowerNest). Keep following us for more updates on the first spin (after setup and release), and the first output numbers!… show more



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From an idea that started at the University of Miami, Florida, we are now in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where we are laying our last hands on the game changing innovation for global renewable energy supply. The developments under the guidance of inventor Dr. Alexander Suma has taken place through many different collaborations with industry and academia. As we have grown our product from fundamental research environment to a finished industrial product with highest impact on society, we have also developed ourselves from researchers to business leaders. We look forward to soon share more details on our journey with you.

“ Redesigning Renewable Energy “

Product video

 Our latest updates presented by Dr. Alexander Suma. As he mentions, the next step in renewable energy is not just adding more windmills and PV panels, but to think innovative and realize where and how we should make a difference.

In the links below you will find a short video summary of our presence at the Hannover Messe 2014 where IBIS Power was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to represent the innovative power of the Dutch.



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