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IBIS Power

We believe that renewable energy solutions can be much more intelligent, integrated and beautiful. Our team wants to be part of the solution of human’s greatest challenge bringing society back in balance with nature.

We do this by looking for the magical relationship between functionality and design in a framework of the actual needs of people for highest positive global impact. These solutions offer more than only energy and will accelerate the transformation of society towards a green, clean and beautiful one!

In our products we combine solar and wind energy technologies to make high efficient, integrated and architecturally beautiful renewable energy solutions for on top of high rise buildings, on festivals, off-grid remote locations, development and post-disaster regions, and will create new solutions for everyone who wants to become sustainable.

Exciting News
The Opening event of the very first PowerNEST took place on June 28th in Klokgebouw 112 in Eindhoven. We are very excited to have reached this big milestone after many years of hard work. The official launch was an enormous success. A big thank you to our speakers from Double2, Rabobank, City of Copenhagen and Stroomversnelling.
The future is now!

IBIS Solutions


    Wind and Solar Power Combined
    Architecturally Integrated
    More Power per Area on High Building Roofs (>5 floors)
    Your Personal Touch to the Design
    Future Power and Cost Reliable
    No Noise or Vibrations
    Increase Economic and Aesthetics Value


    Wind and Solar Power Combined
    Mobile Easy Transportable and Self-Deployable
    Resilient, Storm Safe Structure
    Solution for Festivals, Remote Locations and Post-Disaster Areas
    No Toxic Diesel Gasses, Noise or Maintenance Burden
    Greenest and most economical energy alternative


    Wind and Solar Combined
    Landmark Renewable Energy Solution
    Combine with Outlook Post or Promotion Banners
    Your Personal Touch to the Design
    Make it an Attraction
    High Post for More Energy
    Share your Green Company Efforts
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