• IBIS POWER IS... Redesigning Renewable Energy


IBIS Power introduces the breakthrough solution that supplies the needed energy for remote areas. PowerTOWER makes use of both wind and sun, integrated in a single solution. In addition, PowerTOWER can be customized to blend with the landscape.
    Wind and Solar Power Combined
    Architecturally Integrated
    More Power per Area on High Building Roofs (>5 floors)
    Your Personal Touch to the Design
    Future Power and Cost Reliable
    No Noise or Vibrations
    Increase Economic and Aesthetics Building Value
    Save cost on roof degradation

    2016     Gerard & Anton Award (NL)
    2015     EU-H2020 SME Phase II Winner with Score 96%
    2014     UM Business Plan Competition (FL, USA)
    2013     US Defense Energy Challenge (TX, USA)
    2012     TEDx Amsterdam Award (NL)
    2012     Herman Wijffels Innovation Award (NL)
    2012     BRAINS Award (NL)
    2012     K-Idea Award (IT)
    2011     TU/e Anniversary Award (NL)
    2010     Research, Creativity, Innovation Forum and Citizens Award (FL, USA)
PowerNEST Awards