• IBIS POWER IS... Redesigning Renewable Energy

PowerVIBES and PowerRESPONSE (The Remote Wind Energy System) is the newest breakthrough solution that has been designed to provide innovative, renewable energy solution for remote and disaster affected areas where there is an emerging need for energy.
    Robust and durable energy from the wind and sun
    Stand-alone integrated renewable electric power station
    Independent of location and weather conditions
    Low cost and efficient transport on land, sea and air
    Provides a solution for different social problems
    It is a multifunctional unit
    Resilient and with a storm safe structure
    Greenest and most economical energy alternative
    Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
    It can be embedded in the social context and locally managed

    2016     Gerard & Anton Award (NL)
    2015     EU-H2020 SME Phase II Winner with Score 96%
    2014     UM Business Plan Competition (FL, USA)
    2013     US Defense Energy Challenge (TX, USA)
    2012     TEDx Amsterdam Award (NL)
    2012     Herman Wijffels Innovation Award (NL)
    2012     BRAINS Award (NL)
    2012     K-Idea Award (IT)
    2011     TU/e Anniversary Award (NL)
    2010     Research, Creativity, Innovation Forum and Citizens Award (FL, USA)
PowerNEST Awards