IBIS Power excels to receive important funding in the EU’S Horizon 2020 “SME Instrument” Program

The year could not start any better for IBIS Power. The news about the Horizon2020 beneficiaries arrived right before Christmas and was even more exciting than expected. IBIS Power in cooperation with Pontis Engineering will get all of its plans funded to bring the wind and solar energy roof top innovation to the market. Even more exciting is that its plan scored “excellent” on all criteria and received an overall score of 14.35 out of 15! “This is what we have been working on for the last five years, and now it is really happening so we can concretize all our plans to bring this exciting innovation to the European market!” says Dr. Suma, CEO of IBIS Power, who is most grateful to the EU to recognize the value of the integrated renewable energy innovation in moving a big step forward to make Europe green and sustainable including all economic benefits for the European community.

In the next few weeks, IBIS Power will set up a team of interdisciplinary engineers, designers and business people to roll out the plans. A large variety of people, backgrounds, and culture is important in IBIS Power’s vision, because innovation is created when you step out of your field of expertise, combine different perspectives, and apply your skills elsewhere or with different propose. In the next two years, IBIS Power will install 25 pilots throughout the Netherlands to prepare bringing this groundbreaking innovation to the European market at large scale in 2017. “It will be an exciting time, and we are thrilled and humble to be given the opportunity to enter this adventure,” says Dr. Suma.